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July 18, 2009–Atlanta, GA.
Tell Parade Magazine that 30 Georgians didn’t really gather from noon to one on Friday outside Democrat Congressman John Lewis’ office in downtown Atlanta as part of the heath care Tea Party Protest nationwide. And don’t forget to mention that those very same protesters didn’t really stand their ground when challenged to leave by the Congressman’s staff, several police officers, and a half baked counter protest against them during the hour long peaceful event. Even though most had never met one another you may have to convince the Parade staff that they really just showed up because they wanted to waste an hour of their day standing on a corner sidewalk sweating the 90 degree weather.

Address your comments to Parade Magazine reporter, Sharon Male and the publishing editor, Janice Kaplan. They apparently believe these folks with hand made signs were just actors in a “sophisticated marketing campaign financed by business and special interest groups.” At least that’s what they wrote in an article “Are Grassroots Activists for Real?” on July 12, 2009 in the # 212-450-7000 Issue.

I first became aware of the Parade article while reading another by Tim Phillips, Americans for Prosperity National Director where he asked members to weigh in on the matter. Here’s the essence of the Parade article: “…so-called grassroots campaigns are often effective because they’re thought to represent the will of the people. But what politicians — and many ordinary Americans — may not know is that some ‘grassroots movements’ are actually sophisticated marketing campaigns financed by business and special interest groups.”

That’s funny. Who knew I was part of a sophisticated marketing campaign? I didn’t and I certainly haven’t been paid nor have I paid them anything. There’s been no twisting of my arms to urge me to talk to friends and listeners about Tea Party events and trainings on CBS and AOL Radio Shows, The Price of Business, over the past four months. Hmmm. Wonder where Parade magazine gets their information and just how it gauges the reliability of their sources.-not very apparently. If Parade was not including AFP it should have said so specifically and then perhaps it wouldn’t have received thousands of emails from irritated activists shortly afterwards.

In truth, Male and Kaplan owe not only me but also the thousands upon thousands of citizens that are genuinely concerned about our country’s direction and are willing to speak out about it a big apology. A printed correction would be nice. It’s an insult to have a reporter erroneously tell its national readership (as if it were gospel) that my efforts and my neighbors and my friends (and yours) are part of some sordid business to lie to politicians and the public. But then are we really surprised. That’s just one of the reasons folks like The Price of Business host, Kevin Price, and others on the radio, television, and blogosphere tell the real stories of Americans taking their citizenship actively to the streets.

Fortunately my parents are not here to see one of their favorite insert magazines go down the tubes a-la-tabloid pseudo journalism of the past decade. Parade will most likely join the ranks of history with continual loss of circulation numbers if they continue to misuse public trust. Whenever Male and Kaplan realize they have been duped by their ‘solid’ sources, I hope they give Americans for Prosperity a call. Phillips will be glad to explain how AFP is a coordinated conduit for patriotic citizens who seek integrity in government and in the media worthy of the most wonderful country this world has ever known!



  1. you are too funny!! I love this line “…favorite insert magazines go down the tubes a-la-tabloid pseudo journalism of the past decade.”

    I have a feeling, “grassroots” will be the new buzz word for “evil right-wing nut cases” in the mainstream media.

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